Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We're still part of the planet

I'm sure it would seem that the Gouveia's have disappeared, but we're still here. I've been a huge blog slacker lately. Would that make me a "blacker?" A "slogacker?" A "blogacker?" No matter how you say it, that's what I've been.

It's not for lack of stuff going on! We went up to the 'stee a couple weekends ago to spend some time with my parents...and Matt learned how to cross-country ski!! He did an awesome job on my mom's old skis. He lost his bearings a few times and flomped into the snow, but none of those times was on the large hill that you have to ski down halfway through the trail. I was pretty proud of my California-bred husband. :D Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera to the trails with us and have no fun pictures to document the adventure.

This past weekend we went over to the other side of the state to spend the weekend with my extended family for my cousin's sixteenth birthday party. We had a fabulous time eating chili and playing games on Saturday night, and had a fun family party on Sunday afternoon. The only documentation I have of our time there are some blackmail-worthy videos of Matt simulating hula-hooping on the Wii. Out of respect for him (and in the interest of keeping our marriage and his dignity intact), those videos will remain on my camera for my laughing pleasure for a bit longer, and then I shall delete them.

We also did our part to stimulate the economy via Trader Joe's. If you're a Trader Joe's uppy-up and you happen to be breezing past this blog, would you please consider building one in West Michigan? I mean, seriously?

I will return soon and write something slightly more thrilling, but for now, just know that we ARE still on planet Earth!

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