Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sleep Ninja

This little boy gave me a run for my money today.

It doesn't take much time for one little boy to fill so many diapers...over and over and over again...

Laughing at Daddy! Yes, his outfit fits him. It looks like the buttons are bursting open but they're not. I got it at a thrift store and I think it's been washed and worn so many times that the material curls out.

He fussed and carried on every time I put him down for a nap today. He ate fine. He laughed and smiled and played during playtime. But he would not nap. I tried every trick I knew. I even rubbed my fingers on his gums to check for teeth (which he thought was hilarious). The Sleep Ninja had returned with a vengeance.

He won a few battles.

But he did not win the war.

Mama's bedtime routine rang in the victory. Sleep Ninja is snoring in his crib. Tomorrow is a new day.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Be prepared for pictures....

It's 7:00 on a Saturday morning, and I've been up for an hour and a half...and that was the Sleeping In edition. I'm tired, and the telltale scratch in my throat warns me that the cold-cloud is hanging over my head...but the house is quiet - even the dog is sacking it in! - and I treasure these moments with my feet up on the couch to let my mind wander, read, download pictures, blog...whatever I want to do. I'm sipping my tea and enjoying myself...and isn't that what Saturday mornings are for, anyway??

I've been SO behind on posting pictures or blogging at all. So I'll catch you all up with a nauseating array of shots from the past several weeks -

- oh, just heard the telltale creak on the steps, opened the door and Molly poured out like water. I have her quiet company now -

...where was I? Oh, nauseating array of shots! Levi is growing faster than a Hollywood romance and is the delight of our hearts. He's a smiley (though SO DIFFICULT to get that smile on camera! I pull out the camera and he stops smiling at me and concentrates on the CAMERA), cooing, flirtatious, banging-his-legs-on-the-floor/mattress/changing pad little boy. He's not much of a fusser, sometimes sleeps through the night (often he just wakes up and needs his pacifier to get back to sleep...somehow his thumb got lost and we're working on reclaiming it), and often he'll stop mid-feed just to smile and "talk" to me. What a joy!!!!

Aunt Ellen, had to show you the Texas onesie he already started fitting into a month ago!!
This pic is already "old" - he looks so little in it!

Clearly someone other than Levi enjoys the Boppy...

He's starting to not scream during tummy time - the little mirror really helps!! And yes, that IS a wine glass you see on the table in the background filled with pacifiers...because let's just call it what it really is: an addiction!!!

The onesie you gave me, Kelly!

He looks greasy here because I had just slathered his face with olive oil - the best way I've found to get rid of that scaley winter baby skin!

So I look like a total bumpkin here, but Levi looked so sweet in his fleecy winter hat and mittens!

Aunt Ginger, the aviator hat is still too big, but I had to put it on him! And it's sooooo cute!!!

Looking a little pitiful when he had a cold earlier this week...

Case in point: comes out...fixate-fixate-fixate-on-camera....

...but I did manage to catch the smile again when we were done getting dressed!

The best naps are carseat naps!

Just getting coordinated enough to sit in a Bumbo seat!!

Intensely concentrating on toys in the bouncy seat

No, I don't let him sleep in the corner of the couch with a honker fleece...I was keeping him quiet and happy while I pumped...

Now don't be jealous of Matt's fancy home office! And no, I don't think that paint color is available anymore but you might come close if you mix some primer with toothpaste.

Well there you have it! The latest and greatest! :) I have some sweet pics from the aftermath of the blizzard, but that'll have to be another post. Matt's up and I need some breakfast!!!!