Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sorrow and Celebration

I know I just wrapped up a post two minutes ago (see below!), but my mind/heart have been chewing on this...

Is anyone else just so dismayed at the news of the Air France plane that disappeared? I don't know why...perhaps because we just flew a couple of weeks ago...but my heart is so broken for the people who were on that plane and for the families who are missing them.

Sometimes it just seems like, will this stop? Will the hurting and tears just STOP?

So many cups are overflowing with sorrow. Right in my little world, I hardly have enough fingers and toes to count the number of people I know whose own lives seem to be going down in flames.

...the wife who is trying to hold her marriage together, work three jobs, and raise her daughters.

...the mom who is in a despicable custody battle.

...the nurse who lost her daughter suddenly.

...the other nurse who lost HER daughter suddenly...during her own wedding reception...and the newly-minted husband who went from celebrating with his bride to making end-of-life decisions for her.

...the nurse who has a mysterious illness that the doctors cannot diagnose.

...the widow who feels like she is drowning in debts her husband left behind.

These are just the ones that came to mind right away. Again, will it stop? How long...?

Jesus assured us that we would have troubles in this life. He never promised us a life free from pain...in fact, it is in this pain that His glory is made magnificent. I don't believe the saying, "God never gives us more than we can handle." (No, that's not in the Bible!) He DOES give us more than we can handle...because He wants us to hand it to HIM to handle. Our burden is His. He's not sitting on the edge of His throne wondering what will happen with your health, with your marriage, with your sister, with your finances. He's sovereign, He is in control, and He is more than enough.

He eases the burdened, comforts the grieving, and takes up the cause of the oppressed.

I'm working through a workbook on spiritual disciplines that Renee gave me. The topic I'm chewing on right now is the discipline (yes, discipline!) of celebration. Be encouraged with the wisdom the author offers regarding celebrating in the midst of sorrow:

The world is filled with reasons to be downcast. But deeper than sorrow thrums the unbroken pulse of God's joy, a joy that will yet have its eternal day. To set our hearts on this joy reminds us that we can choose how we respond to any particular moment. We can search for God in all circumstances, or not. We can seek the pulse of hope and celebration because it is God's reality. Heaven is celebrating...Every small experience of Jesus with us is a taste of the joy that is to come. We are not alone - and that in itself is reason to celebrate.

Yes, there will come a day when the sorrow will end, and every tear will be wiped from our eyes (Revelation 21:4). There IS hope in all of our sorrow.


sarah.simpson said...

Ah Jenny love, your insightful comments fill my heart. I look so forward to your shared thoughts. There is so much sorrow in so many lives, but still, there is joy to be found. I love you, CA Mommy

Glad the clothesline arrived, can you still purchase clothespins?

Carolyn said...

Makes you wonder how in the world people get through life without Christ. Thank God we're His!

The Smith Family said...

Thanks for sharing Jenny. Would love the name of the workbook..it sounds great! Love you and miss you!