Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Birfday, Carinna!!!

It is my honor to introduce you a dear young friend of ours - Carinna. Matt and I got to know her mom and sister when we lived in the apartment when we first moved to Holland (already two and a half years ago!). We just developed one of those neighbor relationships where you have the revolving door to both of your homes, and no one cares what time it is or what the reason is that you're there.

Carinna is an amazing kid - she's super-smart (she's read books that I've never school OR as an adult), and she knows words that I can't spell. She's thoughtful. She has a great sense of humor. She's fun to talk to. She's an amazing writer and a deep thinker. She has this fun relationship with Matt that surpasses my understanding - they're just on the same page and can talk forever about the funniest nonsense. If we ever are blessed with a daughter, if she's even a fraction of the kid that Carinna is, I will be a very, VERY proud and awestruck mom.

But the coolest - coolest - thing about Carinna is her love for the Lord. She pursues Him with reckless abandon. She has a profound understanding of and relationship with Him. She truly is a light in the darkness, an encouragement in a discouraging culture, and rock-solid in what she believes in world that wants to pull everyone along with its own current. She truly is the "salt" that we're all called to be.

We love you Carinna, and are so honored to have you (and your family) to call "friend!"


Carinna said...

Oh my goodness Jenny! I'M honored! It's great to be mentioned on this amazing blog of yours! Thank you SO MUCH for everything. Your blog, rides, and friendship.

It's great to have a couple of people that I can really connect with on Wednesdays and Fridays:)

P.S. Your card was the best birthday card to date! I loved the stickers!!

Jenny said...

Carinna - I'm so NOT creative, so I pulled out like every sheet of stickers I had and decided to go bananas with them. I could have gone a lot MORE bananas, but thought maybe I should hold back. :)