Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Belly shot...and Father's Day

I apologize for my 20.5 week tummy shot...I was preparing for a Saturday full of yard work, and simply was NOT getting my pretty on that morning. So it's a not-great picture, in addition to the fact that I don't think I look a whole lot different from 16 weeks!!! I AM growing OUT, but it seems like I'm growing more UPward (because I have a really looooong torso, you see...ha. ha. ha). But I know Little Bird is getting bigger - in fact, he/she was measuring a week AHEAD at the ultrasound last week! (Unfortunately - fortunately? - I KNOW without a doubt that my dates are spot-on, so he/she had just had a growth spurt and will hopefully not continue on a "big" trajectory!)

I feel a lot of movement most days, which is fun. But I hear everyone describe this early movement as "butterfly wings." Um, this is no *butterfly* that I'm carrying. That's not even sort of what comes to mind when I feel it. This child is way more aggressive - the other night, for example I was lying on my tummy before I went to sleep (just to get a break from left side/right side/left side/right side). Apparently this was quite displeasing, because as I lay peacefully in the dark, I received such a wollop of a kick right in the middle that I involuntarily whisper-yelled "OH MY WORD!" and immediately flipped over to appease this little banana-sized person.

We had a good time in Manistee for Father's Day. It is SOOOO pretty up there, and why did I not appreciate that when I was growing up there??? One of my favorite things to do is walk to the beach at Magoon Creek, a nicely secluded yet very accessible beach where doggies are actually allowed!!

We spent a little time at the beach, grilled at Mom and Dad's, and went downtown to the sundae bar. A very good day, indeed. :)

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Char nash said...

Jenny am going to Manistee this weekend....girls weekend.....Lily going to my sisters....I need to fine that beach....love the pictures