Friday, March 30, 2012

Another one of those days

Apparently Levi is afraid of thunder this year.

I found that out this morning when we had about five mild rumbles of thunder. My normally relatively-collected son morphed into a barnacle clinging to me for dear life. For hours. I have never seen him so absolutely crumpled.

Moms who have high-strung, clingy, and needy kids, I salute you. Some kids are just born that way. Mine wasn't, THANK GOODNESS (but #2 might, I can't speak too soon). How you get anything done is beyond me.

So we spent the morning absolutely entwined...there were times when he clung so tightly to me I really didn't even need to hold on to him myself. I somehow managed to sweep while he ate breakfast (thankfully, food trumps even fear for him), vacuum while he stood on my feet and buried his face in my pajama pants, put beef stew in the crock pot (mind you, to distract him from the thunder I did a tutorial - on the floor, with my cutting board and garlic press - on how to cut, peel, and mince garlic), and do five loads of laundry. Hey man, we have a busy weekend that includes me working tomorrow and all of this was front-burner stuff, thunder-fear, barnacles, or not. Meanwhile, I'm huffing and puffing like the fat kid on the playground while carrying 25 pounds of raw anxiety, thanks to being pregnant.

When he wasn't afraid, he was just full of it. I'm making lunch and little hands are grabbing at everything on the counter, pulling things off the table, launching into the fridge. No. No-no. No we don't touch that. No. Please stop. No-no. I said no, Levi. He wants to touch the toilet, the garbage, everything gross in the house. Everything we tell him not to touch every. single. day. He's spilling the dog's water. He watches Molly eat like a HAWK and won't let me get anything done until I've refilled the bowl right then and there. I fold laundry, he unfolds it. I fill, he empties. I put away, he takes out.

I'm not writing this to complain. I have zero spiritual application here nor will I try to find one. It's just one of those days, and I'm exceedingly grateful that these days are few and far between for me!! I'm BEAT! And it's only 1 in the afternoon!! I about sang with sweet relief when I put him down for his nap (I think he did too)!

What am I going to do with two??? How do you moms out there with three, four, or more kids do it?? Augh!


Rachael Neal said...

You just do it. That's the answer I've given a lot of people lately. "How do you do it with four kids?" God gives you the grace you need for that moment, no more, no less. There are some really hairy days at our house, which make the ones like today even sweeter. For once, my house is clean, laundry is cycling, cookies were made, we ate a healthy lunch and the kids are napping. Tomorrow, all Hades will break loose. So goes the cycle and I'll thank God for his mercies anew then. Now...go eat something naughty and put your feet up!

Tracy said...

I agree with Rach. And sometimes it will be 10 minutes of sweetness and then the next 10 minutes all Hades will break loose, and you'll learn to appreciate the sweet moments in smaller increments. :) His mercies are truly new every moment of every day. And some days I think, "How do I do it!? Can someone else please take over!?" :)