Sunday, November 18, 2012


There's a reason it's been so long.

Well, there are at least two reasons, one of them being smaller, chubbier, and bossier than the other one.

You see, I suffer from a very fatal flaw as a "writer" (if that's what you can call what I do, on this wildly uncreative blog).  I can only - ONLY - write spontaneously.  I cannot start a post and table it for later; I cannot schedule time to write a post.  Nope.  An idea will hit me, I can marinate in it for a day or two, play around with the words in my mind, but once I sit down to write it, I have to write it from start to finish or it will never be completed.

Not exactly a writing style that is compatible with the life I have right now.

This is how I feel most of the time, most days.

If I thought my time was not my own with one little boy, it is abjectly not my own with two. (Is abjectly a word?)  People told us that adding a second child would be the most difficult transition yet...thereafter it gets easier.  Well, we can testify to the first part with a hearty "amen" - and will just have to take their word for it on the latter because there will not be a "thereafter" in this household, of that we are assuredly decided.

In the spirit of resurrecting my poor blog, I wish I had a stirring post to write, but I don't at the moment.  I will...soon enough.  But right now, the sound of one child's eyelids closing awakens the other - even though moments before, that child could have slept thru a marching band riding on a garbage truck.  So posts will have to remain steadfast in the steel trap of my mind while we ride through these upside-down weeks and months of having a bossy baby in the house.

Now that I have it started though, the posts will probably start to roll out as I seek a little solitude when everyone has gone to bed, forsaking sleep in exchange for a little bit of brain activity. :)

Welp, the dog just stuffed herself underneath the dangling toys of the baby's play mat and curled up on it.  Her clear message that she's tired and misses her bed.  I'm totally rolling here...but I should take that as my cue to wrap up and do the same...

...Good night, and please don't give up on my little blog.


Lisa Gouveia said...

I will wait for you and support your decision to be a Mama more than a writer....although getting some brain time helps to feed your and Matt are doing a wonderful job raising 2 beautiful and respectful individuals....

Emrys said...

I'll see Lisa's comment and raise her: the job of Mom is infinitely more important than writing. Do the first well, and the latter may suffer, for a time. Do the first poorly, and no amount of the latter will save the world from the lack.