Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This is me.

This is how I feel: like a deer stuck in headlights. Or Molly stuck in a camera flash. I finally went to Kinko's yesterday to FedEx my grad school application. I chickened out at the last minute because I thought for sure that I had used a wrong word in one of my essays (aunt Nancy: think of my "indigent" vs. "indigenous" incident on my resume) so I had to come home and look it up. So last night Matt and I went to Wok In Wok Out (our fave Chinese haunt) and dropped the application stuff off at FedEx. Parting with all that paperwork suddenly made me feel so vulnerable. I mean, are they really picky over there at MSU? Or is it like applying for a nursing job: "You have a pulse? And a licensed that hasn't expired? When can you start?"

Whatever the outcome, I'm glad I applied. I have learned that God is very obvious about keeping doors wide open if they're meant to be open, and He shuts them very readily if they're meant to be shut. So far the door's been open, so I'll keep trusting. And if it shuts, He must have something better in mind...

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