Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm so here, I swear!

I haven't uploaded new pictures in a while. This random shot from Tucson has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but is fun.

I actually have had people ask why I haven't posted lately!! Get outta here! I'm thrilled people actually read this! Here's some goings-on around here:

1. Got a new camera that hopefully doesn't die. We have awful luck with cameras and microwaves. So as soon as I have a chance to fiddle with how to upload pictures from it, I'll post some new pictures!

2. Molly slipped on wet grass while chasing a stick and bent her tail. Not that that has had any significant impact on anything, but it's funny to say that our dog basically broke her tail! hahahaha!!

3. We had a fabulous time with my family at the Farm over Labor Day. It was an incredibly beautiful weekend and the perfect wrap-up to the summer. We hung out and relaxed and floated in the pond like Cheerios in a bowl of milk. Had a surprise birthday party for my youngest cousin, Shelby, ate amazing meals, and laughed our butts off as per usual.

4. Matt's enjoying his job and actually being able to say that he's fully employed by a company. :D

5. I put studying my "Complete Idiot's Guide to Statistics" on the back burner to obsess over writing a personal statement for Michigan State University. MUCH easier said than done. I wrote one, hated it and trashed it. Wrote another one, feel better about it, but am still kind of biting my nails over it. My friend didn't love it much, but the nurse practitioner with whom I work loved it. I'll still have to bite down a few more nails. Dang, if I'm this nuts over an entrance essay, what will the real deal actually be like????

6. AWANA, the good old Baptist Wednesday night Bible club started up this past week. Matt was asked to be a leader for the junior high boys, so he'll be very involved. I'm a helper on the nights that I'm not working. I'd never been to AWANA (no idea what it stands for!), but it's a pretty big thing. Many of the kids start off with AWANA when they're three or four years old, and they start memorizing Scripture right off the bat. I figure it'll help me learn verses too, so not a bad thing at all!

7. Matt has become the butt of many jokes at church because he's 41. Only out of love, only out of love. And mostly because nobody can believe it. (Is it the baby face or is it the junior high humor?? You decide.)

8. The proverbial bus pulled up at the hospital last week and every woman in West Michigan had a baby at once. Needless to say, I wanted the job behind Door #2.

9. I'm heading to Shipshewana tomorrow with my mom for a few days. We're staying at a B&B, ready for some good old Amish fun.

10. Next week Matt and I are going to the Wisconsin Dells for a vacation. We had planned on going to Massachusetts for vacation this fall, but with the price of gas being what it is, we decided to save that $$ for next year since we'd like to make it to California again. We're trying to keep our vacations within a day's drive as much as possible anyway. So we'll kick back, kayak, hike, play at an indoor waterpark, whatever we can do to have some fun!

That's about it around here! I hope I get some neat pics in Amish country to share soon!


The Smith Family said...

Hope you have a wonderful time with your mama and also on your vaca with your hubby. Love you so very much and so glad you have a blog so I can keep up with your busy life.
Love you sweets.hello and hugs to Matt too!
Jenny Smith

Emrys said...

1. You'll have fewer problems with both camera and microwave if you stop putting one inside the other.

2. Middle-school humour. That's definitely the reason.

3. Hanging out with the Amish will not help you manage either digital camera or microwave better. In case you haven't noticed, the Amish tend to shun technology.

Just a few tips.

All in love,

The Sibbles said...

AWANA stands for "Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed." There is even an AWANA pledge. Ask me about it sometime.