Friday, May 8, 2009

Gettin' the heck outta Dodge

14hours with no potty break, 12hours no food break, platelets 37, blood pressure 147/119, respiratory arrest, intubation, 3 c-sections, everyone doing well and healthy.......priceless

This was the Facebook entry of one of my coworkers in Labor and Delivery. It was the day that we ALL had yesterday, and it sums it up nicely!! What could have been a couple of disasters (yes, all of these happened on separate people, not just one!) - you NEVER want to hear a "code blue" called for the Birth Center! - turned out fine, with everyone happy (*and breathing*) at the end of the day. Praise the Lord!

And with that, I'm outty! Buh-bye Michigan, hellOOOOOOO California!!!!!

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Carolyn said...

Enjoy the sunshine!!! You certainly deserve this vacation!