Friday, May 8, 2009

What the...

I work for the best hospital ever. Seriously. Of course there are days when I really would love the job behind Door #2, but that happens no matter where I go. But here we are in a bad economy, the hospital's tightening its belt, no one gets a bonus check this year or a raise, etc etc. No one really cares about any of that; we're just all happy to call ourselves employed (yes, even nurses are starting to bite their fingernails).

So it's Nurse's Week this week (have you thanked a nurse, BTW?). Normally it's a big to-do in every hospital (free t-shirts, coffee mugs, umbrellas, candy), but this year it was quite a bit more pared-down. Again, no worries. Today was the "employee picnic" in the cafeteria, a free picnicky lunch for all of the employees - not only the nurses. I'm off, but I went in for my free lunch (heck YES I did). Do you know what? We got a free lunch in a mini reusable bag, ANNNNDDDD a cash card for $50. Fifty dollars!!! "Hi, thanks for working, here's free food and fifty dollars." Well Lord love a duck, as my grandpa used to say. Sign. Me. Up.

I'm walking out of the cafeteria feeling pretty spiffy to have my little green bag, chicken wrap, pasta salad, cookie, banana, and CASH CARD...when I hear the lady behind me complain about the "chintzy bag" we were given. "What on earth can I use THIS for?" was her query.

Oh MY word. I wanted to claw her eyes out. The fact that you are carrying that *chintzy* bag, lady, means you are on someone's payroll. That bag contains free food and MONEY. Need I say more???


sarah.simpson said...

The only thing I could think of in response to this is the old adage "there is no such thing as a free lunch!" Love, CA Mommy

une autre mère said...

Hey Jenny! Thanks to your comment on my blog, I found yours! LOVE it! Now I'll have some more good reading material. :)

I can't believe how unappreciative that lady was of her goodie bag! With an attitude like that, it might be hard for her to keep a job, so she should be most grateful!