Wednesday, July 15, 2009

100th Post!!

Wow!! My 100th post!!! I was trying to think of something profound and cool and provoking to say, but couldn't. Then I was organizing our basement this morning, and in one of my old journals I found a poem I had written on May 1, 1995. I'm sure I was in the throes of a dramatic breakup or something. Here it is...


I tried to catch a cloud one time
And much to my dismay
It kissed my lips and fingertips
And silently floated away

I tried to taste a raindrop once
Even though I know it's small
But once I could I understood
It didn't taste at all

I tried running away with the wind
To see where I could go
It cooled the air and played with my hair
But would it take me? No.

So I tried to talk to God
To see what He would say
When I shed my tears He calmed my fears
And wiped them all away.

A nice reminder.

Happy Wednesday!


sarah.simpson said...

Very nice Jenny..I love it. CA Mommy

Emrys said...

Moooooo . . .

Hey, that's a good poem. I didn't know you were a poet! With some polishing, that one will go places. Ever consider submitting it to someone with printing power?