Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Catching up!!!

Sorry for the long delay between posts!! We just got back from vacation - we spent a week at Sonlight Christian Camp in southern Colorado, where I spent two summers as a camp nurse. It was the first vacation where at the end I said, "Oh...we have to go home now??" Usually I'm so ready to get home. We had a total blast in the mountains, sang funny songs, acted like total kids and experienced the kind of peace you can only feel at such a random place in the San Juans. I can't wait to post stories and pictures from that.

I have some great recipes that I'm trying soon...including homemade laundry soap!!!! Is that Ma Ingals or WHAT? I found the recipe laying around at work - someone had printed it off and made copies - and thought, "Well, that might be a fun thing to try!" So I'll let you know how that goes...and post the recipe if it works out well.

In the meantime, enjoy the cool(er) summer, go to the beach, try something new, shop at the Farmer's Market, and thank God for everything He's done!!

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