Saturday, May 1, 2010

Belly shots...and Tulip Time

Okay, okay. A few people have been asking me for a "belly shot." I feel kind of awkward displaying pictures of my profile, but I'll give in and play nice. It's just that.....well....the hormones are really wreaking havoc on my body. I just don't even feel like myself anymore. But, you asked for it....


Okay, here it is for reals - and I DO feel bloated and weird much of the time, and this picture makes me look a little bigger than I really am, but it's a good effect:

Anyway, we had fun at Tulip Time today. We went to Windmill Island for the first I thought it was some little patch of real estate with a big fat windmill plopped on it, and we'd ooh and ahh over the tulips, tour the windmill, and move on. Oh, was I wrong. It was an all-day event!!!! Here are some pics (not that I'm certain you're fascinated by them, but I KNOW California Mommy is!!! Michigan Mommy too!)...

There's even a wooden shoe factory...look at all the fun wooden shoes!!!

Perhaps argyle? Or tiger stripes???

Or are you more of a flames kind of person???

But honestly, THIS is my favorite picture of all. It just....captures the, uh, *essence* of Tulip Time in all its Dutch authenticity:

There you have it!!! And THAT is why I love Tulip Time!!!


upnan said...

Hahaha! Loved the photos. The belly shots are so cute; well yours was anyway! Beautiful photos of the tulips and I enjoyed the variety of wooden shoes. Do they come in baby sizes? You could start Mini-Jenny's shoe wardrobe.

une autre mère said...

Look at your adorable little baby bump! Soooo cute! Although you had me a little worried with that first pic... :)

I can't wait for Pella's Tulip Time here in Iowa next weekend! I'm a Dutch girl through and through and love all the cheesiness that surrounds the festival too! Bring on the fatballs and wooden shoes! I'll take the argyle ones, please. :)

CA Mommy said...

Oh Jennylove, fabulous pictures of the tulips, the windmill and the shoes. Tell me,please, what are the ingredients in "Fatballs" and why would anyone want to eat one?? Loved the tummy pictures..the first one needs a little(maybe a lot)hair remover to be appealing. But the second one, I love it. Such a cute baby bump..amazing how fast one's body changed with all those hormones racing about. Love you, CA Mommy