Sunday, August 15, 2010

28 weeks!

Okay, here's the fabulous 28-week belly shot for which I know you've been waiting with bated breath!!! ;)

My short torso spit that baby straight out!!! (I'm pleased to say that my, um, backside has shrunk in comparison. Never thought I'd say THAT in my lifetime.) Little Bird only goes up and out, though, as you can see I've barely grown out to the side - YET! Fortunately, we're back to measuring "on time" instead of a week or so ahead.

I put together the crib this week...I'm trying to have all of my ducks in a row by ~35 weeks (because in my world, everyone has a baby by then, right??!!). So the crib is together, and obviously some decorating needs to be completed, but I have to wait for the new carpet to be installed at the end of the month. I do plan to take down the stuff that's hanging over the crib. And, just to clarify, the cutesy little things in the crib will be promptly removed as soon as there's a baby in it to comply with the "safe sleep" guidelines per the American Academy of Pediatrics (guess who's the Safe Sleep "champion" at Holland Hospital?). Like I tell the parents I work with: the cutest and softest thing in the crib should be the baby! So here's the crib and some cutesy stuff:

Yep, it's a mini-crib: same as the other cribs only smaller dimensions for a smaller room! It's absolutely perfect!

I found the quilt on, the blanket was knit by California Mommy (we have a pink one too), the froggy lovey is from my aunt Sue, and the bear in the corner was in Matt's crib when he was a baby!!!

And of course the birdie mobile I ordered off Etsy as well!!!

So that's that for now!!! Thanks for enjoying with me!!


Rachael Neal said...

You're seriously adorable...and I didn't know you had a blog until now! Yeah, I'm so excited.

Rochelle said...

So cute! How exciting to get everything ready for the little one!

Wolters said...

You look so cute. The quilt is very full of fun colors. :)

ali said...

You look absolutely radiant Jenny! :) Beautiful picture! I am not the least bit surprised that you are a fan of etsy-I love it too!! :)

Lizzy said...

Jenny, you look great!!! so happy for you!