Saturday, October 16, 2010

Less than 2 weeks!

Less than two weeks left until I either spontaneously go into labor (full moon next weekend, baby!) or am induced!

We're all check.

Laundry: check. Diapers washed and ready: check. (Thank you, Beary, for being such a willing participant.)

Carseat adjusted and bases installed: check.

(Cute picture of Matt, BAAAAAD example of proper strap adjustment. Though it's surprising how many people will put their baby in the carseat this way, because when they properly tighten the straps the baby cries...*and we sure can't have that!!!* Um, if you want to continue to appreciate the cry of your sweet baby after you get rear-ended, stop hard, or get in an accident, you'll adjust them properly!)

Much better!!!! Beary is now safe!

Pediatrician chosen: check. Check, check, check.

Here's the 37-week shot...

And remember this sweet face at 20 weeks???

Here it is at 36 weeks...

I know, kind of a blurry shot, and then it's a picture of a picture, so it's even worse...but if you cock your head to the right, you're looking straight on at it - you see the shadow of an eye socket, a nose, and a pouty little mouth and chin, and slightly chubbier cheeks than a few months ago!!

Well, soon we'll be posting pictures of the real deal and you won't have to use your imagination!!


Natalie Joy Webster said...

I LOVE IT! I cannot wait until the baby comes!!! So excited and thankful for you two! :)

CA Mommy said... really are pregnant..or else you are trying to hide a watermelon under your shirt. thanks for the photos, treat beary well, he is, afterall, 43 years old, and bears tend to get crotchety as they age. the room is perfect, and we are excitedly awaiting the arrival of the little bird with the chubby cheeks.

WA Lisa said...

Very nice. I was thinking this morning about asking for a new belly shot, and thankfully I do not have to! Everything looks great. I hope that you have breakfast in bed for you at least one more time before little bird arrives. I am so excited for you and Matt. It will be so great. Good job on the room and for providing a safe, warm and healthy place for little bird to grow....I love you all, esp. Molly.

Rachael Neal said...

That baby face made me gasp...absolutely, perfectly adorable! Baby will be here before I know it (because in spite of the movies, mommies are never surprised when labor begins!)...and you will be all too ready.

Wolters said...

I love you Jenny, this post is way too cute. I can't wait!!! You and Matt are going to be amazing parents. :)

ali said...

You look BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can barely contain my excitement for Baby G to arrive!!! Hurry up, little one!! We'll be praying for you!