Monday, December 13, 2010

Just some random pics

I have a few extra minutes believe it or not, so I thought I'd throw some random pictures of Levi on here. My friend Mary uses her blog as sort of her family scrapbook, and I like that idea. I don't scrapbook, though I admire those who do and have the creativity and patience for it. I don't even have a baby book where you write down milestones and stuff like that. Didn't even think of it, and come to think of it, it's probably not a bad idea..but at least I can write the same stuff down in a blog. So forgive me if it's boring, but I need to archive stuff like this in some other place than the steel trap of my mind (which is more like a colander...)!!

Isn't this pic just darling??? I love to watch him sleep!!!! I do let him sleep on his tummy during his afternoon nap, since I'm checking on him frequently. I don't want his head to get a funny shape from sleeping on his back all the time. Check out his butt...Matt and I always laugh, "Do these cloth diapers make my butt look big??" Um, yes Levi, they do. How are the cloth diapers going, you ask? We LOVE them!!! We use a combination of prefolds (think of your basic rectangle piece of cloth that you twist or fold into a diaper on them and cover with plastic or wool or whatever pants) and all-in-ones (basically a regular diaper just like Pampers or Huggies, but made out of cloth and has snaps). They work great, hold blowouts of biblical proportions that I KNOW no disposable could ever hold, and he never has a rash. And oddly, you never smell his poop. I can't explain why. I've put a disposable on him two or three times, and each time when he had his usual thunderstorm-in-his-pants during a feeding, I was suddenly immersed in a brown cloud. Never have that when he's wearing his cloth dipes. But yeah, they work great, are not extra "work" or emotionally taxing or any of the other things people seem to think that cloth diapers are...I have an extra load of laundry every few days but I throw it in before I go to bed, hit the button for the second cycle when I'm up for one of his feedings, and throw it in the dryer when I'm up for another feeding or in the morning. We're saving money in the long run, don't have to make runs to the store because we ran out of diapers, etc etc. Diggin' it.

So it drives me barking NUTS when Blogger flips my pictures, but I can't flip it back. But I just love this one!! Look at that little boy face!! He looks more and more like a boy every day. He's a SOLID boy. He has these amazingly squishy cheeks and chubby thighs, but other than that he's not fat, he's just all boy. Matt and I visited my work yesterday, and we weighed him for the heck of it...subtract a little here and there for clothing, diaper, etc, but he's about 12 1/2 pounds!!! And he's LONG! He just looks so much older than six weeks to me!! (gulp!)

Someone let me borrow this snowsuit for now. Absolutely hysterical. I actually used it that day and was very glad I had it! But why can I not stop thinking of Ralphie in Christmas Story??

He's starting to smile real smiles. I can't get enough of it. I will pull out an Oscar-winning performance and make a complete fool of myself just to get a hint of one. My faves are the wide-open-mouth, eyes-wide-and-twinkling smiles. They don't come very often, but oh they're beautiful!

He's holding his head up quite a bit - I've even set him in his little Bumbo seat a couple of times (he's not quite ready for it YET, but he actually did pretty well). He pushes himself up on his feet when I'm holding him, particularly when he's having a cow about something. His cry is very boy-ish and it cracks me UP. He's cooing quite a bit, and the other night it seemed like we had a full conversation - I'd say something, and he'd chirp back...I'd respond, and a second later he yipped...I said something else, and he cooed's just so amazing to see this little person who wasn't even two cells a year ago, and now he's growing into a person. Yeah, some of it is because we provide a good environment for him to grow, but all of the credit ultimately goes to God. Levi is fearfully and wonderfully made, and he's ours to nurture and teach and shepherd. What an awesome weight of responsibility and what a delight!!

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Kerrie said...

He is so sqishably darling, would love to kiss his little cheeks....thanks for sharing these little moments :)