Saturday, July 16, 2011

Eight and a half months!

He makes me laugh so hard sometimes. I can hardly fathom where the time has gone. People are already starting to ask me when the next one is coming!!!! Um, I just barely unpacked my suitcase from bringing the first one home. It'll be a bit, folks!

He just started fully crawling this week. And trying to get up the stairs. Tackling the dog's food and water dishes. He has shout-offs with Daddy. Pulls himself up on furniture, window sills, whatever he can pull up on. He feeds himself sometimes (it's a messy enterprise, but I'm pretty impressed with how much he actually gets in his mouth). It's nice to just steam some food, mash it with a fork, put it in one of his suction cup bowls (thank you Kimber!!!! Best invention ever!!), and watch him gorge himself. If I do something, like bang a block on another toy, and hand it to him and say, "You do it!" he'll copy me. Just this morning he started putting his hands together in a sort of clap, but it also looked a whole lot like the sign for "more" that I've been trying to teach him. He was very enthusiastic about it, so like I said, no idea if it was attempting to clap or the sign, and I sure don't know what he wanted more of if it WAS the sign!! He understands "No-no" quite well...not that he doesn't go right back to whatever he was told not to do, but there are times when he'll go after the forbidden thing (read: dog dishes), get a firm "no-no, Levi Matthew," sit back and reconsider, and turn around and do something else instead. The first of many, many, manymanymanymanymany things to sow into this little person!!! He opens and shuts doors (using the door jam, if the door's not shut all the way), and will slam the fridge shut if I open it and he's nearby.

He makes me laugh so hard sometimes. Like when he's attacking his fuzzy picnic food.

Or when he just starts roaring at me like I totally understand what he has to say. Or when he fusses and fusses at nap time (because WHY on EARTH would anyone want to sleep when they can pull themselves UP?), and then just gives up and collapses over his own lap and uses his giraffe as a pillow.

Or when I play peek-a-boo with him from below his crib bumpers, and I see chubby little fingers peel back the bumper followed by a chubby little face peering over it, followed by his distinct little chortle/squeak of laughter.

I love him I love him I love him!!!!!

Yesterday we blew up his little kiddie pool. He felt like a very radical dude.

That's about all for now!!!!


Kelly said...

He seems like a very happy little boy! And SO cute!!!

JAN said...

He is so cute. So precious. So Blessed. All your blogs about Levi will make a great gift someday, a scrapbook so to speak, to pass down to his children. Once again Thank you for sharing.