Friday, August 15, 2008

This old house

Simple things thrill me. Such as finally having a functional second bedroom in our house. Our second bedroom is quite small, the walls were stark white, and served only as a junk storage room for the first 6 months that we lived here. Matt had his office stuff in here, but he was happy to move it all to the basement (no, it's not finished, but he doesn't really care) so we can actually fix it up and at least offer a place to sleep to a guest.

We painted the walls a mocha-y color, I found a good twin bed on sale, and picked thru an antique store to find the bedside table and a decorative chair. I love old windows to use as decorations, so I'm going to hang one of the windows that we just had replaced on the house. There's a quilt at the end of the bed that Matt's aunt Millie made for him when he was little (you can't see it in the pictures yet though). The room is girly, but comfy. Not much on the walls yet, but I'm hoping to find an antique-y headboard for the bed that I can paint and spiffy up.

Matt is equally thrilled because we had a new microwave mounted over the oven. Our kitchen is small, and counter space is almost nonexistent. Now with the microwave off the counter, I have about three inches of counter space instead of two! :D

So now the house is just pretty much complete, all we have to do is touch up a few areas with some paint. I painted all the rooms this winter, and at the beginning of the summer we hired a contracter to replace the roof, the windows, the doors, reconstruct the door frames, and make some minor repairs to the foundation. We had glass block windows installed in the basement and re-routed the dryer vent and the bathroom fan (which was vented into the ATTIC...hmmmm...not so smart). Now the house is solid and energy-efficient and we won't have to keep the heat at 60 degrees this winter (it was leaving the house as fast as it came thru the vents)!

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