Friday, August 15, 2008

Who WOULDN'T want this guy??

I forgot to mention this week that Matt had to interview for his job (yes, interview for the job he currently has) on Wednesday. He's been working on contract for the City of Grand Rapids via a company that provides IT service to the city. Well, the City has opened a new contract for this service with another company, and when a new company comes in they have the option of hiring the people who are already working in those positions, bring in their own people, or start all over again and hire entirely new people. So he interviewed on Wednesday, and it went very well, but we won't know until the end of the month if they're officially hiring him or not. We're not stressing about it because we know God will take care of us either way: either He will grant Matt favor at keeping his current job, or He has something better in mind for him/us. It also helps that Matt's married to someone whose job is guaranteed forever and ever and amen!

Nonetheless, please pray that the Lord's will will be done in our lives, job and all. Thank you!

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The Smith Family said...

Hey Jen,
I just hopped over to your blog...haven't been here in a week or honey decided to switch from msn to some other deal so I lost all of my blog addresses in the process..I'm trying to recreate my little blogline feed but that takes awhile. So anyway, it was fun catching up with you via blog. Love this glimpse into your lives honey! My love to you and Matt. Hope you have a great weekend.