Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birfday, Kelly!

Today is my dear cousin Kelly's 31st birthday! Isn't she beautiful (dancing with her dad during the father-daughter dance we had at our wedding)?

Kelly, I stink at sending birthday cards, but isn't it better to read a post about YOU in honor of your birthday? :D

In our family there are...what...nine of us girl cousins? And for the most part we've come in age-pairs, and Kelly and I were the 1978 pair! Here are some of my favorite memories with Kelly (and I realize a lot of them only she will know what I'm getting at, and I apologize, but this IS her post!)

1. One burned-rubber trail on US-31 between Manistee, Spring Lake, and Ludington - my house to her house to Youth For Christ in Ludington. Just about every week.

2. Weeks spent at each others' houses, staying up until ridiculous hours laughing our butts off, playing poker with beans, imitating Beavis and Butthead (I'm not gonna lie...we thought they were pretty funny).

3. Aunt Sue (her mom) bursting into the room way too early after said nights laughing our butts off, asking, "So who wants to chop wood with me?!" (Literally.) Neither of us ever did.

4. Memory pages that I would craft after said weeks and nights staying up and laughing our butts off.

5. Two trips to Florida during spring break with Youth For Christ. The blue bus. Laughing our butts off on the blue bus. (Did we ever NOT laugh our butts off?)

6. One AMAZING trip to Washington DC with YFC for a youth evangelical superconference. We met some of the best friends of our high school years on that trip.

7. Dancing to the Zales Diamond commercials they used to have on in the 90's - where you hear this symphony playing in the background, and all you see is black-and-white shadows playing out the story. We'd get up and fake-ballet to the music.

8. Anything DC Talk, (DC TALK!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!), Newsboys, or Steven Curtis Chapman.

9. My fannie pack going thru the security xray at the Lincoln Memorial.

10. Me making a complete idiot out of myself thinking I was talking to a huge group of non-English-speaking youth who were actually from West Virginia. ("Where...from?" "WHERE FROM?")

These are only things that come to mind right away, just silly little memories tucked away in my mind. Kelly, I love your enthusiasm for life, your thoughtfulness, and how when we get together we can just pick up where we left off and keep laughing. I miss you and wish you didn't live in another state, but am so thankful you're happy...and who am I to talk about living in another state?? hahahaha!!!

I love you! (And being 30 wasn't half bad, now was it?)


Kelly said...

AWWWW!!!! Bless your pea-pickin heart for blogging about me! I LOVED it and all our memories together! I'm sitting here at my desk with tears streaming down my face due to laughter.....especially about the fanny pack going through x-ray vision! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!! Way too funny! Oh the memory favorite! Even after all these years I still have them all! So 30 wasn't so bad....looking forward to what 31 has in store for me! I couldn't ask for a better gift than your blog.....I miss you and love you too! I look forward to seeing you soon, hopefully! Give Molly and Matt and yourself a hug from me! Thanks again for the great post....And you actually found a picture that isn't so bad! YAY!!!

P.S...Don't forget our great renditions on U2!!!!

Jenny said...

I'm so glad you already saw it, Kell! I figured this picture was a lot prettier than the goofy-face pictures we're so fond of taking at the Farm! I love you!

Jenny said...

I'm so glad you already saw it, Kell! I figured this picture was a lot prettier than the goofy-face pictures we're so fond of taking at the Farm! I love you!