Friday, March 13, 2009

This is how rumors get started...

Don't get too excited about the content of this post. It's merely a silly story. There is no hidden message!!! :D

My friend Carolyn's husband works for a company that produces generic pharmaceutical "stuff," so she has easy access to everything you can think of that you would buy at a drug store...for super-dirt-cheap. Well, she can get pregnancy tests for 50 cents and she said she had a bunch of them on hand, and would I like her to give me a box? I was like, ummmm...sure. I know they're expensive (nope, haven't needed to buy one yet, though), so sure, if you're offering me something that normally costs a lot, I'll take it!

So today, Carolyn calls me and says she's out running errands, and she's going to swing by and drop something off. And she had her dog with her, so how 'bout we get the dogs out for a walk while we're at it? She stops by, with her doggie Tara in tow...who Molly knows very well. Carolyn's on our front step, I'm inside the front door, and it's a chorus of " STAY. Lie down. STAY" before we can get the dogs to settle down. So I open the door for Carolyn, and Molly flew through it to see Tara. Now both dogs are outside. In the meantime, Carolyn had handed me what she planned to drop off: the box of pregnancy tests. Suddenly, the dogs are barreling down the sidewalk after a poor soul who happened to dare to walk on it. Carolyn and I are running after them shouting "NO!"'s like idiots. We corraled our dogs, apologized profusely, and walked them back.

And then I realized I was running down the sidewalk and corraling my dog with a box of pregnancy tests in my hand.

So if you were driving down or walking or live on 26th Street and saw what I was carrying, stop the rumors! They're nestled safely by the extra razors and Nyquil, where they will remain for a bit longer. :D


Wolters said...

This is sooooo hilarious. I love it!!!

sarah.simpson said...

So, now you have them, and remember, I am not getting any younger..........Love you, CA Mommy

Carolyn S said...


Two weeks later, I'm just getting around to reading your post. Here I sit at the kitchen table, wiping tears of laughter, and remembering that moment. CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have I told you recently how much I enjoy your blogs? You have a gift for story-telling, which makes the most ordinary events hysterical, AEB said story! :-)

Tara says "WOOF!!" I think that translates to "Hi, Momma Jenny!!"