Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Maybe it's not the most rational, but I have my first OB checkup tomorrow, and I'm a little nervous. Just like I was nervous about the ultrasound because during my last pregnancy the ultrasounds were awful, I'm just nervous about my appointment because, well, last time I had an OB appointment I thought things were okay...and then they weren't. Clearly, this time I have a little more assurance that things are okay :), but still...will you pray for me? I don't even know what they do during a first trimester appointment, if I'll have to have another pelvic or what. And even if she tries to hear the heartbeat on the Doppler, it might not even be detected because it's still quite early and that baby is pretty teeny. (I'm nine weeks tomorrow!!!)

Nonetheless, I've been feeling okay, have plenty of "signs" that things are chugging along appropriately (nausea, strange feelings in my tummy, etc), and serve a God whose plans cannot be thwarted. So hopefully tomorrow goes just fine!!


Sara said...

Breath in. Breath out. Nibble an M&M. I swear, I my heart stopped every time at every visit when they went looking for the baby's heartbeat. I think the hardest part for me of being pregnant was having NO control - sure I could eat right, try to exercise and take it easy when I needed to but there was so much room for nerves and fear to try to sneak in. But you know the Guy who takes care of all fears - so back to the beginning- Breath in. Breath out. Repeat.
Love ya!

une autre mère said...

Incase you don't hear that heartbeat tomorrow... just know that with all three of my babies, I never heard the heartbeat at their 10-week appointments. But thankfully my OB was kind enough to do ultrasounds to give me peace of mind that they were okay.

I'll definitely be praying for you!