Tuesday, April 27, 2010

13 weeks!

13-week appointment today!!!! (I'm actually 13 weeks tomorrow, but appt is today.) Pray that it goes as swimmingly as the last one did! I'm pretty certain I'll have another ultrasound. At work on Sunday afternoon one of the L&D nurses grabbed the Doppler and we heard a beautiful little heartbeat chugging along at 155! Nonetheless, I get a little nervous right before an appointment, so please pray that I'll remember that God is in control and His work and timing are perfect. And that He'll keep our Little Bird healthy, thriving, and strong.

I've been feeling very well. A little queasy on and off, but my energy is back and I was able to tackle a major project in the front yard yesterday, which felt soooo good!

Lord willing, I'll have a fun little picture to post later on!

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