Thursday, April 1, 2010

All is Well

Just to let you know, my appointment on Wednesday went great! :) It was supposed to be at 9:45am but it was rescheduled for 4:15 on account of another chunky screamer being introduced to extrauterine life and my OB's required presence at said event. How's that for poetic??? Anyway, on a leap of faith that I would not be reduced to tears again at the OB office, I took advantage of the gorgeous weather, donned my fave summer dress, and walked to my appointment (it's four blocks away). My appointment went well (have I ever mentioned my rockin' OB? She's an ICU nurse-turned-physician and has fab bedside manner, squeals in delight with you, and is just overall amazing). She slipped me in for a quickie ultrasound just to give me peace of mind, and there it was!!! A little person-shaped lima bean, nearly an inch long, measuring nearly spot-on with my dates, with a heart rate of 180. It even flapped a little arm bud in greeting.

So I left with a fistful of pictures and a smile on my face. :) With two positive ultrasounds in the first trimester, your chance of maintaining a viable pregnancy into the second is 98%. I like those odds!!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!!!


une autre mère said...

Yay! I know how precious those first pics are! So glad you got to see your sweet baby. We'll keep praying you through this pregnancy! :)

Carolyn said...

Thank God! We were praying; glad all went well. I'd love to see your lima-bean pics at some point! :)