Sunday, March 6, 2011

Worst. Blogger. EVER!

So I'm a total bloser. (That's street talk for "blogging loser.") I truly long to sit down and write and write and write. You'd think I could just "write while the baby sleeps." Yeah, that's as laughable as "sleep when the baby sleeps" (who SAYS that anyway??!! and does it really WORK for anyone?).

Anyway, first, I went to work. Then Levi got sick. Then Matt got sick. Then I got sick. And Levi got sick. Then I got sick. Levi stayed sick. That pretty much sums up the past six weeks! The bulk of our electricity goes to running a humidifier (Levi's room is like a tropical oasis), it smells like Vicks VapoRub, the little bulb booger-sucker-thingy is begging for a break...aye!!! 'Tis the season!

So that's why you haven't heard much from me!!! Someday, someday it'll change and I'll be able to write!

In the meantime, though, this little guy is a crackup and changing like ca-RAZY. Check 'im out:

This is his favorite place to hang out - his play mat. That's why you see so many pics of him on it!

Not exactly what I had in mind when I put out the quilt and toys for tummy time.
Molly's like, "What? I'm *on* my tummy."

Aunt Renee. :)

I busted out the exersaucer a couple weeks ago. You should see this kiddo's dance moves!!

Starting to purposefully grab at his toys...

I bought him a high-chair thingy that you strap to your chair so he can join us for dinner. He's quite social that way - loves to just sit at the table with us, this little fuzzy bobbing head.

I really wish I could well describe what a hoot he is!! You know how some babies are just sweet, chubby little babies who, I don't know, are just babies?? And then there are the "little old man" variety, who look like they already understand you, watch you intently, and almost make you feel disconcerted because maybe, just maybe, they DO know what you're thinking and saying? That's Levi. He's very social, is quite a talker, makes very direct eye contact...I'm not saying, "Oh, my kid's a genius" or anything. He's just funny. Way more of a personality than I even realized a four-month-old could be!!

Right now, he and Matt are having a very intense vowel-oriented conversation. :)

Well, I better get ready for work. Got a nice surprise bonus day with my family, and I'm surprisingly okay with that. More soon!! (I hope!!)

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CA Mommy said...

Not just because I am his Nana, but this kid has really got it. He is bright, alert, coordinated, has a wonderful smile and beautiful face, and is just an overall terrific little boy. Thanks for the update Jenny, I can barely wait until May to get my hands on him :)