Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Hot and Windy City

We spent this past Saturday in Chicago visiting my dear friend Renee. There's a commuter train that you can take from Michigan City and it's $6.50 one-way, and parking is free. Avoid the city traffic? Not worry about ripping each other's faces off as we navigate downtown looking for a parking spot? Sign us UP! Unfortunately, it didn't leave us with as flexible a schedule as we would have liked, but oh well. We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and planned to ride the huge ferris wheel at Navy Pier, but by the time we got there it we had to head back to the train.

Renee rocks. She's been my friend since nursing school and we've had many, many good times together. Eaaarrrrllly mornings driving to Grand Rapids for clinicals, the Chicago Marathon, mountain biking in Sedona, driving hither and yon on our vacation to Washington State, renting a (cold!) cabin in Wisconsin, snowshoeing in the dark, and eating disgusting amounts of cheesecake are among our best memories. Renee serves with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and works particularly with nursing students, equipping them to serve as nurses in the context of their faith. She could describe it far better than I can, but she serves her tail off and attends conferences and participates in mission work all over the world. I admire and am inspired by Renee's diligence to serve others, her humility and compassion. My friendship with Renee is another evidence of God's grace to us. We love you, Renee!

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