Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm finally joining the action...

I have a friend who informed me I'm a "blurker" - which evidently is someone who does not blog, but who lurks on other people's blogs. I'm totally addicted to other people's blogs...what a great way to keep up on their lives when it's so hard to keep in touch!!

Well, I'm leaving the blurker world to join the blogging world. This way we can keep everyone up with what's going on in our lives (sometimes boring, sometimes not) in a way that's far more interesting than email.

I'm figuring this whole thing out...sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake so it might take a few tries to make a post that's actually cool. Stay tuned!


The Smith Family said...

Welcome to blog-land Jen-Jen..we're so glad you have joined the fun. Look forward to having a peek into your world.
It was just wonderful to get to see you and Matt in Manistee a few weeks back. My kids loved Matt(and of course they've always loved "Jennymark". He's a keeper girl. God is so kind!
Love you so much and excited to keep up via blogs.
Jenny Smith

Sara said...

Yeah! Welcome to the blogosphere! You're added to my reader feeds (ask Matt-he knows what it is and if you're addicted to blogs, you should set one up!) so I'll be keeping track of ya :D

Ellen said...

Yay for you starting a blog!! I'm so excited!! :) :)