Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Bucket List

I actually made a bucket list in 2005. It's more of a "Things I want to do in the next five years" list, but "Bucket List" sounds far more dramatic. I was in the middle of a frustrating season in my life and decided to brainstorm about some things that I wanted to do that would be fun goals to attain. My bucket list consists of everything from "learn how to change a flat" (done!) to "kayak in Baja California" (not done) to "learn about investing and finances" (I married a very savvy man, and I've learned more than I actually wanted to know) to "go to Menorca" - a little island in the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain (a looong way off - but I still DO have two more years to knock this one off the list).

One thing on my bucket list was to learn how to kayak. You'd have thought that in all of the fun places I've been, I'd have had the opportunity to find myself seated in a kayak. But no! I have not! So a couple of weekends ago we toot-tooted up to Ludington State Park with our friends, Jan-Harm (say "YON-Harm" - he's quite German) and Mary Wolters to achieve just that. Oh. My. Goodness. Skimming across the water in this neat little boat, powered only by my amazing muscles. FUUUUUN!!! Now I want to think of every inland lake and river possible (Lake Michigan's a little scary for me yet) and kayak away.

My bucket list, as fun as it is to have - and it'll take way more than five years to check all the things off, and I'll just keep adding to it anyway - is also a reminder that God has placed many desires in our hearts, some of them big and lofty, and others far simpler. In times of discouragement, it helps me to remember that enjoying God's creation, pursuing a gifting or a passion, becoming involved in a ministry, or taking delight in a fun activity are all evidences of God's kindness to us.

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