Friday, October 31, 2008

Is it REALLY the last day of October??

I can't believe how this entire year has flown! We've already lived in our house for almost a year (on December 1st!), been here in Michigan for a year and a half (the longest I've lived in one spot four and a half years?

I'm going to try to post updates on both of us on a regular basis - not because we fancy that our lives are so fascinating and we're certain you're all sitting on the edge of your seat, breathless with anticipation...more for the friends and family we don't talk to on a regular basis who are spread hither and yon. And I know that Matt's mom loves updates and is a regular on the blog!! :D

It's been a busy week and Matt called on his way home last night and said he wanted to be "in bed and snoring by 9:30." Honestly, a few years ago when I was on the night shift, I was lucky to be able to even think about falling asleep before 3am. I never thought I'd see the day that I'd crawl into bed at 8:58pm and actually sleep! We're still both trying to shake this awful cough that has been with us for the past month. Our house sounds like a Tb sanitarium! We really do feel better than we sound, though.

Matt took his junior high guys from Awana to Coldstone on Wednesday night, church bus and all (V-man drove the bus, NOT Matt!). They really seem to like him and there are some high schoolers with him whom he works as well who have really taken to him. One of them keeps pestering his mom apparently to have us over for dinner. His parents (whom I really don't know) have nine kids. Like she has time to whip up dinner for us!

The bus did pull up at work and every pregnant woman slid right off and into our unit. We went from listening to crickets last week to near-crisis mode this week. Plus, we have one rotation of nursing students after the other coming thru at this time of year, so you're almost guaranteed to have at least one or two following you. I loooove students but having one with me (especially if it's their first rotation ever) means that my work takes about two or three times longer than normal because I'm explaining every move I make, looking up meds with them in the drug guide, coaching them thru procedures, etc.

Stats is so far so good. It's weird taking a class online but I think I'll get used to it. Pretty much all of the other people in my class (besides Carolyn) has five kids, works two jobs, and is busting their tail just to get by because their husband is laid off. I was like, whoa, I have it soooo easy here. And I know that things can change so quickly.

I have to toot Matt's horn because he's such an awesome support to me. He'll do the grocery shopping on his way home from work, pitch in with housework, do whatever he can to help me have more time to work on my stuff. Now THAT is a fabulous husband. My friends and I who are taking this class had a freak-out moment two days before it started when we realized that the books that we ordered on Amazon didn't come with the software that we need for the class. We thought we had to order totally new books and pay to have them shipped quickly..which all told would be $200. Matt offered to drop by the university on his way home from work to pick up the books for us so we'd at least save on the overnight shipping fees. When he got there he found out this software is available for free at the library. He downloaded the software and then distributed it to my friends to save them time and money. Like HE'S got a lot of extra time!! He's so thoughtful that way.

That's about all here. Have fun this weekend and WOO-HOOOOOOO we get an extra hour! Don't forget to reset your clocks!

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