Thursday, October 9, 2008

Road Trippin'

I'm heading to Chicago for a couple of days with a large group of ladies from church - we're going to the True Woman conference in Shaumburg. I'm so excited to hear some great speakers - John Piper, Barbara Rainey, Carolyn McCulley, and Joni Erikson Tada to name a few. I'm so looking forward to getting to know more of the women from church too - I kind of live in Matt's shadow sometimes because, well, he's so MATT. I have my friends too of course, but I'm trying to dig in a little more at church and not just be "Matt's wife." hahahahaha! The little kids know me ("Mrs. G!!"), so it's a good start.

I have a bit of a cold so please pray that I'll figure out the right cocktail of medications that will prevent me from clearing my throat every two seconds at night, thereby keeping my roommates not-so-blissfully awake. Matt is looking forward to having the whole bed to himself, sleeping on his back, and snoring with reckless abandonment.

Have a great weekend!


Wolters said...

I really want to go to!!! Grandparents Day is a no miss day no matter how on your death bed you are and that is tomorrow. (: Have an awesome time, and I will pray for you. I miss ya.

The Smith Family said...

Oh Jenny I hope you have a great time! What an amazing group of speakers. Carolyn McCulley spoke at our church last fall and it was outstanding! She is a very wise woman (even about marriage issues and she isn't married yet!!). Oh and she attends a Sovereign Grace Church in Maryland. Let us know how it goes..
Love you,

lvan_laanen_cangemi said...

Dear Jenny and Matt:

I loved your "bithday blog" and needed the panic attack advise.. You guys are amazing and wonderful!

I think of you often, with love, Lynn