Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wisconsin Vacation

Finally, I downloaded my pictures from our trip to the Wisconsin Dells. We had a FABULOUS time!! One of the reasons we're so glad to have the timeshare that we do is that it's based on a points system, so we can either use all of our points at someplace more luxurious, or we can break them up and use them at other smaller resorts that are closer by, and we like the fact that we're traveling to places we wouldn't have thought to go otherwise.

The Dells is a somewhat cheesy, Mackinaw City type of place, but if you do some exploring, there is some amazing geography with lakes and hiking trails. We went to a cave, kayaked on a beautiful lake, hiked around another lake, and even spent some time at an indoor water park. We started out at a resort that was off the beaten path, in a very beautiful setting surrounded by trees, but then we switched over to the newer resort where we had a ridiculously large and plush condo. It's fun to feel pampered every once in a while, but I was pretty happy to get back to our simple, small house again!

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Sid Nguyen said...

Jenny- This is Matt's friend Sid. I tried calling but his phone number didn't work. I was beginning to worry since i haven't heard from you guys in 10 months. I'm glad i stumbled on this website. ask matt to email sidwin@gmail.com or give me a call.