Monday, October 27, 2008

Uncharted territory...and a Chinese buffet

My Intro to Statistics class starts this week!! Aughh!! I know it's a very basic class, actually probably more like a high-school level class, but still, I've never taken it before and it's a bit unnerving. Especially since it's online. I know people take online courses all the time but I've never done it and it's weird. You have to post and discuss and...can't I just sit in a lecture hall????

Class officially starts on Wednesday. I work 12 hours on Wednesday so I'll probably be sitting at the kitchen table starting my homework at 4:30am before I get ready for work. But you know, after working 5am-5pm in Denver and having to get up at 3:30am on a regular basis, anything later than that just doesn't sound so bad anymore!

On a lighter note, there is this wonderful woman at church named Esther Harrington. Esther is in her 80's and while she is a woman of many sorrows (her husband left her long ago after 30-some-odd years of marriage, and she has battled with many forms of cancer), she is the most glowing personality I've ever encountered. Esther is always immaculately dressed with perfectly coiffed hair. And a gentle spirit and faith that is so unshakable. I hope someday I'm half as beautiful as Esther.

Well, evidently Esther loves Chinese food. AND, one of her favorite haunts is...Wok In Wok Out!!!! Our FAVORITE Chinese buffet on the PLANET!! Matt made this serendipitous discovery yesterday while chatting with Esther at church, and guess who WE'RE meeting at 5 today to belly up to the buffet?

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