Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just another day at the beach

It was in the 20's, it was snowing like there ever a better day to go to the beach? We've been wanting to make a point to get out the lake and see the icebergs this winter, so we trekked out past the old-school beach cottages that were all boarded up for the winter to see Big Red in the snow. It's SO COOL! The ducks and swans are all still floating there on the ice, and actually it looked like there were quite a few people walking around at the State Park across the channel. It's a bit precarious, knowing that only a few feet below you is the lake! (Don't worry, that ice crust is THICK and we're very close to where the shore would be anyway!)


sarah.simpson said...

It gives me chills just to look at the pictures. Too cold! But, also looks like a great walk in the snow, but not sure about the walking on the ice. Winter is definitely winter in MI. It is in the 70's here today for the second day in a row. Love you both, CA Mommy

Wolters said...

Love the pictures. We did that last year, and just this weekend was thinking we should get out there!! Your post motivated me to make sure we do that.