Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We've gotten boatloads of snow, and now we're getting boatloads of rain. It has been a fabulous Christmas season, repeated shovelings of the driveway notwithstanding! We've tried to be a part of as many of the festivities as possible...the Christmas Open House evening downtown Holland, a couple of Christmas parties, I played my flute in the makeshift "Christmas orchestra" one Sunday at church, listened to gobs of Christmas music, decorated the house, I went up to Manistee to make cookies with Mom, and had my parents here to spend the night on Christmas Eve. After a yummy breakfast with Mom and Dad on Christmas Day, we had a fabulous dinner with our friends Jan-Harm and Mary. Mary is a gifted hostess, and when she says "eat" you ask "how much?" and don't think twice! I was scheduled to work from 3-11p but as it turned out the patient census was low enough to put a few people on call, so I never ended up going in. Matt, Jan and I burned off our calories shoveling Pastor Timothy's driveway after dinner.

It's gone fast but we've really been trying to marinate in the joy and the meaning of the season. Didn't do any gifts this year, just kept it simple..and man, was that ever liberating!

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