Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Birfday, Mom!

My mom's birthday was yesterday, but I was working all day and didn't have the opportunity to post about it. Anyway, happy birthday, Momia!! My mom rocks. She's fun and has more than once made me wet my pants laughing. My dad's had to separate us in church, we've had to leave grocery stores because we were laughing too hard to shop..you get the picture. Thanks mom, for being my friend and wise counsel. And being a wonderful-gut (that's Pennsylvania Dutch for wonderful-good, if you don't have the Amish cred that we have) mother-in-law to Matt. We love you!

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The Smith Family said...

Happy Birthday to you Suz. I love your laugh, your love for life and your love for the Savior! I am honored to call you friend...(it's been 25 years this month!). Much love to you and I pray you had a wonderful day.