Friday, December 26, 2008

Lake Effect

We've had many concerned phone calls (from family in far more pleasant climes) regarding our status in the snow. We had a good dumping starting last Friday and have shoveled ourselves into oblivion. Auntie Pauline over on the Big Island couldn't resist the urge to email us the front page of her local newspaper, showing Kona's forecasted high for the day (83) and a picture of a surfer...juxtaposed with Boston's high (17??) and a picture of a poor fool digging out his car.

Now, tell me this...upon looking at OUR pictures, who doesn't want to live on the good old third coast??? Hawaii? Whatever.

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Becky said...

Hey Jenny!

Thanks for the's nice to "meet" you. Not all my posts will be so heart-felt, but I wanted a place to spill my thoughts whenever I want. It's good for me to just write what I'm feeling. It makes it more real to me.

I will add you to mine as's nice knowing I have a long distance blogger friend :-).

Wow, a lot of snow huh? I'm currently in NY visiting my family and boy have I been cold! I miss Va Beach!!! I can't imagine having all the snow that you do! Beautiful pictures though!

Well, I look forward to corresponding with you! Have a wonderful evening!