Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ask and you shall receive...

I was just saying to Matt yesterday that I would like to keep my eyes peeled at antique stores or second-hand shops for a small desk or table where I can do my homework. We don't have many "surfaces" in our house for working, other than our kitchen table and the coffee table. Much of the time either of these tables can be covered with old mail, books, magazines, whatever. And I don't like to monopolize either of them anyway. We have a perfect little nook in the back of our living room that doesn't get much use, so if I could find a little something to put there where I can have my books and computer, that would be grand.

My mom came down yesterday so we could go to a couple of Christmas craft shows. One of them was okay, but the other one we went to at a church was your quintessential church craft bazaar. And there was a lady there who refurbishes old furniture and antiques in her basement - and her work was FABULOUS!!! I found this sweet little robin-egg blue desk and chair for $65!!! At my favorite shabby-chic store downtown something like this would fetch at least $200. It's complete with little glass knobs on the drawer. I had to snatch it up because people were literally lining up to ask for it.

So now I have a place to do my homework, AND the little nook in the living room serves a bit of a function. I put a different chair with it that's a little more accommodating for my (still bruised) rearius endius.

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