Sunday, November 9, 2008

A fun Saturday

Post #3 today!! It's not that I think we have an almighty fabulous life. The biggest factor in multiple posts is that I can't for the life of me figure out how to get more than four pictures on a post at a time. Therefore, I create themes. :D

Busy week at the Gouveia's. Nothing terribly out of the ordinary, but between both of us working full-time, Matt helping V-man one morning a week and meeting with his accountability guys two mornings a week, AWANA on Wednesday nights, and me being in class, the days fly. The second week of statistics went well, so far so good. I kind of enjoy being self-directed in learning. Carolyn and I have been helping each other a ton, too, which helps. We work on our homework at work every chance we can, and then meet at a coffee shop at the end of the week to wrap up our assignments and check our work. This week we're going to learn about probability, which totally freaks me out (ever since the third-grade problems of "you have ten marbles in a bag. What's the probability you'll draw a black marble out of the bag?" HUUUHHHH??????). So Carolyn's going to teach me about probability by teaching me how to play Yahtzee.

The weather turned cold this weekend and the white stuff is starting to fly on and off. Matt and I had a fun Saturday morning together playing Scrabble, and then my mom came and she and I checked out a couple of craft bizarres. We had coffee and yummies at the Alpen Rose (mmmmm...), and checked out the Christmas decorations downtown.

In the evening Matt and I went to my "Apples of Gold" banquet. For the past six weeks I've been in a women's Bible study called "Apples of Gold" (based on the Proverb - "A word aptly spoken is like golden apples in a silver bowl), where the "older" women in the church mentor and minister to the younger. It takes place in someone's home, with a Bible study, quick cooking lesson (the first time I've ever touched filo dough - if that's how you even spell it), and then a very luxurious dinner. Anyway, it wrapped up this week and the older ladies hosted a beautiful dinner for us graduated "apples" and spouses. We had good fellowship, food, and singing. Dear Esther Harrington was there (see the Chinese buffet post); it's always a treat to be in her presence.

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Tracy Durey said...

Since you have officially completed the Apples of Gold Bible study, might you consider joining one of our Wednesday morning Bible studies in January? :-)