Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lake Effect

Well, the warm-weather honeymoon sure is over!!

This was on Monday. The first picture was in the morning, and it did that for the better part of the day until it cleared up a bit in the afternoon. Way beautiful, though!

Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving? We're sticking around Holland because I have to work Thanksgiving and the day after. We're dog-sitting for Husker (AKA "Huthker"), Molly's Goldendoodle boyfriend. This weekend we're dog sitting Tara, Molly's other partner in crime. I'm starting to think that we have created only one Gouveia family holiday tradition so far: dog-sitting for other people so they can go celebrate their holiday traditions!! hahahaha! Tara's "mom and dad" are bringing us back a load of Trader Joe's groceries in exchange, so it's definitely well worth it.

Other Gouveia news...let's see...

*Molly's gimping on her left rear leg. Amazing vet Dr. Wilson says it may be a torn ACL or meniscus, and the only way to tell is if she goes on COMPLETE REST (Ha. Ha. Ha.) for TWO OR THREE WEEKS. If she's still limping after that amount of time, it probably is in fact a torn ligament or something like that. If that were the case, I have no idea what we'd do. Sedate a dog and get an MRI?????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! And then PAY for it? AHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Fortunately, after a few days of imposed rest, Molly hates us but the limping has decreased significantly.

*I'm still passing stats. Over halfway through! I can calculate a mean standard deviation ("mean" being descriptive, like "phat." But I can calculate a mean MEAN as well) and z-score. And use fabulous terms like, "statistical analysis" and "Central Limits Theorem."

*We're reading this great book (I read it out loud while Matt shaves in the evening - way more fun than watching Deal or No Deal) that Matt's mom gave us called "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society." It's hilarious!! It's a fictitious series of letters written by the characters to each other, and it takes place shortly after WWII and the end of the German Occupation on Guernsey Island, near England. The wit is fabulous, and if you've ever read a Jane Austen novel and then wished SO BADLY that you could speak so eloquently all the time (and say intriguing things like, "the import of which"), you'd enjoy this book. It's a fun way to learn a little bit of history too. Like I told Matt's mom, I'm a Gen-X punk who knows and appreciates little about the War, so it's good for me to learn, too.

*We STILL sound like a Tb sanitarium. If you can avoid the creeping crud/pertussis/walking pneumonia/whatever it is this season, please do so. Wash your hands. And get a flu shot. I was never a fan of the flu shot, but I changed my tune after reading the research. I'll spare you the soapbox and implore you to get it instead.

*Clearly there is no significant news to report this week and as I write this I'm increasingly aware of the not-so-riveting nature of our lives. But I'm surprisingly okay with that right now! Someday we'll have kids and I'll post on them at an obnoxious rate, and you'll wish for the days when I reported boring things again. HA!

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Tracy Durey said...

No Way! My sister is reading the same book. She seems to like it very well. How she was able to read a good chunk of it while babysitting my sick kiddos, I can't quite comprehend, but I'm glad to hear another recommendation. :-) Perhaps I should start to read a book for a change. . .