Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Back to Hope I go...

Sue Dunn (remember her?) emailed me last week and said she had an "opportunity" to discuss. If you didn't read the post (back in, oh, probably August), she was one of my professors in nursing school, and is now the director of the nursing program at Hope. She has been about why I haven't gotten my kiester to grad school yet. Finally this past summer, during a day filled with what I like to think of as divine appointments, she helped me get the ball rolling. Hence, why I applied to grad school and am currently pulling my hair out over probability statistics.

Well, we met today regarding this opportunity to teach a clinical rotation of senior nursing students next semester. In the final semester of your senior year, you do a leadership rotation/internship, where you are honing your skills of balancing a patient load, delegating, etc. Demonstrating your leadership as a nurse, so-to-speak. The clinical instructor in this role acts as a guide and mentor to the students, is in relationship with their preceptors (the nurse who is working with them on the unit), audits their charting, grades their journal assignments, etc. It is considered a part-time faculty position. I'm feeling like a wide-eyed deer stuck in headlights, but how can I turn that opportunity down? So I said yes! Sue said it's the best case scenario as far as the time it'll involve (far less than taking on a full rotation of 10 students - I'll have four or five), I'll be able to be mentored by the other part-time instructor, and it'll be great for getting my feet wet teaching-wise.

So back to Hope I go. Go Dutch!

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Sara said...

I had no idea you knew about the blog...its so nice to hear from you. please tell your family hello! miss you---sara