Wednesday, November 26, 2008

X-treme Scrabble

About once a week, on one of my days off, I declare a no-makeup, air-dry-my-hair day. It just seems like a good thing to do: give my body a break from all the "stuff." Of course, I run the risk that, oh, I'll get asked to come into work because there were two STAT c-sections at once...or that Matt will call and say, "Hey, some friends want to hang out and grab coffee." Or both.

Such was the story of yesterday. I did go to work for about an hour and a half, bandanna and all. And PT2 (that's Pastor Timothy's street name - PT1 is Pastor Trent, for those who aren't in the know) and his wife Tracy asked if we wanted to join them at JP's (local coffee place). So we brought the Scrabble board, and I daresay we were the loudest table there.

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