Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Majestic Molly Moo

Happy Birthday, Molly Moo!! Two years ago today, we picked up a skinny, spunky, stinky little yellow dog at the Denver Dumb Friends League. She was shipped there from a shelter in Kansas, deemed to be "about" two years old, and came home with us. (Our receipt says, "1 dog.........$100.") So we call November 11th her birthday and celebrate as such (with a can of wet food, if I make it to the store to buy it).

I know, a post dedicated to a dog is a bit much. But if you've ever loved a pet of any kind, they're never "just" anything. Molly patiently scrunched into whatever space was left in my car for cross-country drives during our moving phases. She was a comfort to me during my season of panic attacks. She lends a sweet and peaceful and fun presence to our home. She's been the first to make friends wherever we've lived. She snores louder than my husband, runs like a maniac, and eats like a slob. She prefers hugs to doggy treats and sleeps with a pink fleece blanket. But she's never attempted to get on the furniture, and while she's obliterated toys that were supposedly "indestructible," she's never laid a tooth on anything of ours.

So Molly Moo, hats off to you. You're our best yellow friend and I guess we'll keep you after all. :D

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